Silver Optical Illusion Stamping

Painted Fingertips | Silver optical illusion stamping macro

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Hi everyone!

I’m so glad it’s Spring! Even though it can still be chilly here and we’ve been having quite a few overcast days, I love that it’s starting to warm up enough to be outdoors again. I’ve always loved Summer, so I can’t wait for it to warm up even more!

Today I have some silver stamping to show you, reminiscent of an optical illusion. Painted Fingertips | Silver optical illusion stamping I started with a base of Supermoon Lacquer Knight’s Strength. Knight’s Strength has really grown on me – the subtle shift is something very special. Over that, I stamped using Born Pretty Store plate BP-L008 and Powder Perfect Silver Stamping Polish. I recently saw Dianna from Snacks on Rotation stamping with this polish and I had to have it. My own go-to silver stamping polish is running dangerously low, and I really liked the smooth chrome look of this one. I wasn’t disappointed, it’s great! I picked up the golden stamping polish as well, I’ll try to get a review of the pair up soon. Painted Fingertips | Silver optical illusion stamping The stamping image isn’t really an optical illusion – it doesn’t actually trick the eyes – but it reminds me of one. I was definitely grateful for my clear stamper while doing these, there’s no way I would have gotten the image even close to the centre of each nail without it! Painted Fingertips | Silver optical illusion stamping macroThe macro shows you some of the shifty goodness that is Knight’s Strength! Painted Fingertips | Silver optical illusion stamping So, that’s it for today. A fairly simple yet effective nail art. That is the beauty of stamping – as much as I enjoy doing some detailed freehand nail art, I don’t always have the time or energy for it. That’s often when a little stamping is perfect! I mean, you can do some very detailed and time-consuming stamped manicures as well, but often a simple stamp is all you need 🙂

What do you think of this look?