Vapid Sweaters ‘N’ Denim with Stamping

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Hi everyone!

Today I’m having some fun with a thermal polish! Thermals are always fun to wear, I find myself glancing down at my nails throughout the day to check what colour they are! I still only have a couple of thermals in my collection. For today’s nail art, I had some fun with the much raved-about Vapid Sweaters ‘N’ Denim. I had seen good things about this polish ever since it came out, but I just wasn’t sure it was for me. Eventually, I decided to just try it, and I’m so glad I did! I wound up loving it just as much as everyone else seems to. Painted Fingertips | Vapid Sweaters & Denim with stampingFor the nail art, I started with a base of Vapid Sweaters ‘N’ Denim, then stamped using Born Pretty Store plate BP-L002 and Born Pretty Store stamping polish #8 (purple). I just used different parts of the plate for each nail to create something that’s different on each nail but still cohesive. Painted Fingertips | Vapid Sweaters & Denim with stampingIt was pretty warm while I was taking these pictures, so you can see the warm state of Sweaters ‘N’ Denim under the stamping. I loved how it looked with the purple! Here’s how it looked in the cool state:Painted Fingertips | Vapid Sweaters & Denim with stampingThe stamping is more subtle, but it almost looks 3D in the way it stands out above the base! Such a fun base polish and of course, I can never get enough of fun, swirly stamping 🙂 Painted Fingertips | Vapid Sweaters & Denim with stamping - macroYou can see a little bit of the thermal transition near the tip of my nail in the macro. Isn’t it pretty? I can’t get over the shimmer in Sweaters ‘N’ Denim. Painted Fingertips | Vapid Sweaters & Denim with stampingSometimes a quick, simple stamped manicure is all you need to end up with some amazing nail art! What do you think of this look? Do you also have way too much fun watching thermal polishes transition?