Water Marble Wednesday: Catchphrases Collection Neon Swirls

Painted Fingertips | Neon water marble - Sweet & Sour Lacquer Catchphrases collection

Hi everyone!

It’s Water Marble Wednesday! I didn’t do a water marble last week since I couldn’t think of a good way to include it in the Digital Dozen theme, but I’m back with something extra colourful and swirly today. Painted Fingertips | Neon water marble - Sweet & Sour Lacquer Catchphrases collectionThis one is so bright, my camera could barely capture it! Over a white base, I marbled with the whole Sweet & Sour Catchphrases collection: (pacifier suck), Hey-Diddly-Ho!, Mmm… donuts, I’ll Be in my Room, ¡Ay Caramba!, and Oh, Homie. They’re so bright and aren’t the swirling patterns fun?Painted Fingertips | Neon water marble - Sweet & Sour Lacquer Catchphrases collectionI purchased the Catchphrases collection specifically for water marbles since I had seen them recommended for marbles multiple times, and I must be honest, I was sorely disappointed. Despite the fact that I have seen videos where others have used these polishes for marbles and they have spread across the water with ease, that just wasn’t my experience. I had to add an exorbitant amount of thinner to these to get them to spread at all, and even then, I had to fight with them. Originally I wanted to do the classic petal marble with these, but I doubt I’ll manage that with these, ever. Yes, I absolutely love the tight swirls I got, but the only reason I went with something like this was because the polishes didn’t spread well and I had to manipulate them in the water into something cool. I also wound up redoing several nails because the polish in the water was too thick and transferred as a gloopy mess. I was pretty disappointed because I could have probably done just as well by adding a ton of thinner to the neons I made myself and trying to marble with those. I felt like it was an investment in an entire collection that didn’t pay off.

Don’t get me wrong here – I LOVE this particular marble and I think it may be one of my favourites that I’ve ever done. I’m also 100% sure that I will be marbling with these polishes again in the future and that I’ll do more fantastic marbles with them. However, I was specifically looking for neons that spread well in the water, that I could control well for marbles, and unfortunately that’s just not what these are. Painted Fingertips | Neon water marble macro - Sweet & Sour Lacquer Catchphrases collectionEnough whining, more looking at awesome, brightly coloured macros! Since I’ve said the bad, I must say the good as well: the polishes from the Catchphrases collection did not bleed into one another despite a lot of manipulation, and that resulted in the awesome tight lines you see here! That is a huge pro, maybe enough to make these worthwhile after all 🙂Painted Fingertips | Neon water marble - Sweet & Sour Lacquer Catchphrases collectionI may not have gotten what I was hoping for, but I did get one of my most fun water marbles ever! What do you think?