The Digital Dozen Does Get to Know Me: Running!

Painted Fingertips | Running girl nail art

Hi everyone!

It’s the final day of Digital Dozen Get to Know Me week! I’ve only managed to share 3 nail arts this week because I’ve been particularly busy with presentations, field trips and proposals due, but be sure to check out the other Digital Dozen members’ blogs and get to know them a little better.

So far this week, I’ve shared something about my career and my sweet kitty-cat. You already know that my hobby is nail art. Today I’ve done nails dedicated to the type of exercise I enjoy – running! Painted Fingertips | Running girl nail artBack in high school, I was a dedicated runner. When I started my university studies, I had a crazy schedule the first year or so and I would often only get home after dark. I found myself unable to keep training and I basically gave up running for several years. I tried to get back into it at various stages, but I never quite managed it – until this year! With the coming of Spring I found the motivation I needed, got myself a new running watch and shoes, and I’m finally back in training and loving it as much as I always have. Painted Fingertips | Running girl nail artTo me, running is the ultimate sport. You’re not competing against anyone but yourself. I know a lot of people dislike running, but I really think that’s just because they haven’t tried it for long enough to find the beauty – perhaps it’s an acquired taste! Painted Fingertips | Running girl nail art macroTo get this look, I started off with a base of Elevation Walk a Little Farther just to get a light neutral base and make sure I didn’t have any naked nail showing through. I then used several different acrylic paints and painted light stripes across my nail in different colours. I was going for a blurred effect, as though I was running impossibly fast. I really like the effect of the blurring lines alone, and I can see this as being a fun nail art technique just to use different colours and do some blurry stripes. Finally, I added the running woman using black acrylic paint. At first, I’d intended to do a more realistic silhouette, but as I started with it and painted the basic shape on, I started to see this stylised running figure and I really liked the effect. I decided to leave it just like that, a stylised woman running faster than I ever could. Painted Fingertips | Running girl nail artIs there a sport that you love to do?

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