Review: BPS Unicorn Stamping Plate

Painted Fingertips | Rainbow and unicorn stamping decals

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Hi everyone!

I’ve just received another Born Pretty Store review package in the mail and you know what that means, lots of review posts coming up! I got mostly stamping goodies this time, and I am really excited to show you some ideas with the new stamping plates!

First up, I have the most amazing unicorn stamping plate! As soon as I saw plate 春の歌-L045 on the BPS site, I knew I had to try it out. Here’s the promotional image of the plate:
1Pc 春の歌 Rectangle Stamping Plate Unicorn Pattern Manicure Nail Art Plate Harunouta L045I just couldn’t say no to all those unicorns! The first thing I did with this plate was to create some rainbow-and-unicorn stamping decals. Painted Fingertips | Rainbow and unicorn stamping decalsI started with a base of Darling Diva Tainted. I used my stamping mat to create the decals. The decals were made with a combination of paint and polish – acrylic paint for the rainbows, and Lollipop Posse Glittery Gray Matter for the clouds, Vapid Unicorn Blood for the unicorn bodies, and Polish ‘M Nuttin For Christmas for the manes and tails. Painted Fingertips | Rainbow and unicorn stamping decalsThe stamping mat really is a great help when it comes to making decals, I don’t use it for much else but it’s so worth it when it comes to that! As for the stamping plate, as you can see this image transferred perfectly, and it was just screaming to be made into decals – especially with those rainbows. Painted Fingertips | Rainbow and unicorn stamping decals macroSuch a fun and happy image! Painted Fingertips | Rainbow and unicorn stamping decalsFor my second manicure, I just had to use Vapid Unicorn Blood as my base polish to fit with the theme of the plate. Painted Fingertips | Unicorn stampingI decided to use two of the images: that gloriously posed unicorn needed to be stamped, but would only fit well on my thumb nail. I think it works really well as an accent with the print-like image on my other nails. That image reminds me a bit of knight chess pieces, except for their horns! Painted Fingertips | Unicorn stampingI stamped using Born Pretty purple stamping polish #8 and turquoise stamping polish #18. I got to combine some of my favourite colours in one manicure, and it worked perfectly! Painted Fingertips | Unicorn stamping macroAs you can see, the images transferred perfectly. I am really happy with this plate. Even my husband commented on how fine some of the lines on these images are when I showed him my finished nail art. Painted Fingertips | Unicorn stamping macroI ended up liking this manicure best out of the two I did with this plate, and to make things even better it’s also the one that is faster and easier to achieve 🙂Painted Fingertips | Unicorn stampingWhich one was your favourite?

If you need to get your hands on this plate too, it’s available here, and don’t forget to use code KGG10 for 10% off on any BPS purchase!