Review and Nail Art: Konifer Wood Watches

Painted Fingertips | Konifer wooden watch macro

Some items in this post were provided for review.

Hi everyone!

I was recently approached by Konifer Wooden Watches to review one of their watches and share it with you. I liked some of the options I saw on the website, so I decided to give one a try. Aside from watches, you can also get sunglasses and even wooden rings on the site. Konifer is based in Canada and advertises a 5 year warranty on all watches. They also promise to plant a tree for every purchase made, which is great! Painted Fingertips | Konifer wooden watchI picked out the Bonzai Army watch, which is made from ebony and green sandalwood with Swarovski Crystal details. The watch comes in a sturdy box with a cushion, just like how you’d expect luxury watches online to arrive. I picked this one because the earthy colours and the addition of green to the colour scheme really appealed to me and to some aspects of my personal style. Painted Fingertips | Woodgrain water marbleI liked the woodgrain texture visible in the green parts of the wood and in the watch face, so I decided to do a matching water marble. I started with a base of Zoya Trixie, then marbled using Trixie along with Supermoon Fight Your Demons and Green Goddess. They marbled beautifully and definitely reflect the texture and earthy colours of the Konifer watch. Painted Fingertips | Woodgrain water marble macroI must confess that I wasn’t 100% happy with this watch. The first thing that was a little disappointing was that they didn’t size the watch before shipping it out. That meant that I had to take it to a jeweller to be resized. That’s not what you want when you’re excited to wear a new watch! As a gift, it probably wouldn’t matter since it would likely need to be resized anyway (unless you managed to measure your giftee’s wrist size!). The second thing was that the watch face is just slightly out of alignment with the crystals in the band around the face. It’s very slight, but you should be able to see what I mean when looking at the maple leaf and Konifer logo in this picture:

Painted Fingertips | Konifer wooden watchOn the good side, I really like the appearance and colour scheme of this watch. I like the sizing, not too big, and the texture of the woodgrain looks really cool. I wore it for the first time today and I really enjoyed it – it looks stylish while being subtle enough to remain versatile. This is such a good piece but its not for all, some people might be after a more luxurious watch made by jewellers such as Jacobs the jewellers. I know my friend told me that these are great deals – everyone here is buying them for themselves and for gifts, but it depends on whether you like something more flashy or the naturalistic look like on this wooden watch. Painted Fingertips | Konifer wooden watch macroThis particular style is priced at C$170, and other styles available on the Konifer site range from C$160 to C$295. Painted Fingertips | Konifer wooden watchWhat do you think of this wooden watch? Would you wear something like this? There’s all sorts of designs and styles of watches on the market nowadays, including ones sold online. Perhaps a photo watch is something you’d approve more of, with a custom twist put on it. With plenty of different watches now available in all sorts of materials, there will definitely be one that will capture your eye.