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Painted Fingertips | Eva NYC dry shampoo

The products shown in this post were provided for review via Influenster’s Voxbox.

Hi everyone!

I have something not nail-related to share with you today, although one of the products I’ll be sharing does have something to do with nails. I recently received the Poppy Voxbox from Influenster packed with fun products to try! If you’re not familar with Influenster, it’s basically a site that partners with various brands to send out sample products in exchange for reviews and social media shares. Anyone can sign up and if you seem like a good match for a box, they will contact you and you might get to try out some fun products. This is about the fourth Voxbox I’ve received and I always enjoy trying out products that I may not have considered otherwise.

Painted Fingertips | Poppy VoxboxThis box contained mainly beauty-related products, which is great! The Poppy Voxbox contained Nyakio Kenyan Coffee Face Polish, 7th Heaven Strengthen nail & cuticle finger masques, Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro liquid eyeliner, Rimmel Oh My Gloss! Oil tint, Tide PODS plus Downy April fresh, Nivea in-shower body lotion, and Eva NYC Freshen up dry shampoo. Painted Fingertips | Nivea in-shower body lotionLet’s start off with the in-shower body lotion from Nivea. I’ve used Nivea products for years – their hand cream is my favourite – and I’ve always been curious about the in-shower body lotion but I’ve never tried it. I was keen to see if it could really replace my post-shower lotion routine. It’s perfectly easy to use – after washing, apply it to your skin, then rinse and dry off. I almost learnt the hard way to always rinse off before exiting the shower, after almost slipping and banging my head! Fortunately, I was already aware of why you should invest in a good shower door that is extremely sturdy.

My verdict was no, it can’t replace my regular body lotion (which is also from Nivea!). My skin just didn’t feel moisturised enough and I found myself still applying my usual lotion after my shower. However, the in-shower body lotion was much, much better than nothing and certainly did leave my skin more moisturised than a lotion-free shower. I do have very dry skin so this may be enough for others, but it was only one step in a process for me. One place that I can see this product being very useful is when on a field trip or camping trip where I don’t have the luxury of my own room where I can take my time rubbing in body lotion – the in-shower lotion would be enough to keep my skin satisfied for a few days.

Painted Fingertips | Nyakio face polishNext up is the Nyakio Kenyan coffee face polish. This is basically a facial scrub – wash your face, then gently massage it onto the skin before rinsing. This small sample was enough for 3 uses for me. Painted Fingertips | Nyakio Face PolishAs you can see, the scrub is a light brown colour and seems to contain 2 different types of exfoliating microbeads. It doesn’t really smell like coffee – it has a pleasant scent which I can’t quite place, almost like some combination of fruits and coffee. This face polish left my face feeling incredibly smooth and soft. I almost felt as though the microbeads were too tiny, though, and had to be careful when rinsing the scrub off to get them all. The scrub definitely did a good job of exfoliating but I wouldn’t use it more than once or maybe twice a week.

Painted Fingertips | Eva NYC dry shampooThe next product in the voxbox was the Eva NYC freshen up dry shampoo. I have definitely seen the utility of dry shampoo during unusually busy times. I have waist-length hair which is quite the job to wash, and which is very dry, so I only wash once to twice a week. If I find that I’ve waited a day too long for a wash but I’m out of time before I have to be somewhere, dry shampoo is great to take the edge off. However, it really doesn’t replace washing and conditioning my hair. My general experience with dry shampoos has been that they make my hair seem less dirty, but don’t make it seem clean or bring life back to my lengths.

This particular dry shampoo was no different: I wouldn’t use it on a regular basis, but I’d be very glad to have it on hand in an emergency. The problem with this one was that I didn’t like the scent. It has quite a strong, very perfume-y scent; I tend to prefer lightly scented or unscented products. Fortunately the scent doesn’t stay around for too long.

Painted Fingertips | 7th Heaven Finger MasquesNext up is the one nail-related product in the voxbox: nail & cuticle finger masques from 7th Heaven. I have to admit that I’ve never seen a product quite like this one before! It is like a sheet mask for each finger. Even before trying it, I had mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand I was very curious and hoped it’d be a delight, on the other I know I’m a bit of a nail product snob because of how much time I spend on my nails and nail art. I removed my polish and opened up the masques.

The pack contains 2 sets of 5 masques, which are easy to tear apart. Each one is basically a small pocket containing some of the moisturising product. You put one over each finger and wait for 15 minutes.

Painted Fingertips | 7th Heaven Finger MasquesThey looked kind of ridiculous on! This was where I came to a major con for this product: I couldn’t get my thumbs into their pockets. They are all the same size and they were just too small for my thick thumbs. I had to tear the pockets about halfway up to awkwardly squeeze my thumbs in.

On the good side, each little pocket contained a good amount of product. After sitting for 15 minutes, I took them off and still had a good amount of product on each finger that I could gently massage in. It had a mild fruity scent which wasn’t unpleasant. It did leave my nails and cuticles more moisturised than before.

On the bad side, aside from them being too small for my thumbs, I just didn’t like the balm that much. This was kind of what I’d expected since as I mentioned, I’ve become a bit of a nail product snob. Why not, though, when you’ve found products that work well? The texture was slightly sticky as I rubbed it in and despite the 15-minute soak, I didn’t feel like it did any more to moisturise than 2 minutes rubbing in my usual balm or oil. As much as I wanted to enjoy this product, I just didn’t and I wouldn’t use it again.

Painted Fingertips | Tide pods with DownyNext up we have what is to me a bit of an odd one out in this voxbox – a sample of Tide PODS with Downy in April Fresh. There was a single pod in this sample so I got to test it out just once. I actually already use Tide PODS for my laundry because I find them incredibly convenient and I really appreciate not having to measure out any detergent. This was the first time trying this particular type, however.

I was perfectly happy with it, although I honestly couldn’t tell any difference between this and the regular pods without downy. Perhaps if I used this for a few weeks and then switched back I’d be able to tell a difference, but I really can’t say. The scent was quite pleasant and clean-laundry-like. I’ll happily keep using my Tide pods!

Painted Fingertips | Oh My Gloss! LipglossNext up is the Rimmel Oh My Gloss! lipgloss. I received shade 500, Pop Poppy. I was really looking forward to this product as just a light pop of colour for my lips for everyday looks.

Painted Fingertips | Oh My Gloss! Lip gloss swatchIsn’t that a pretty shade? It’s just what I was hoping for; I have other products for creating a bolder look, and a sheer but pretty swipe of colour was just what I needed. It is very shiny and has a delightful sweet fruity scent. This product is advertised as an oil tint, which contains a blend of 4 oils to keep your lips moisturised. Personally, I wouldn’t try replacing my usual lip balm with this. My lips are very fussy and there are only a couple of balms that will keep them from drying out and peeling over time. However, I do really appreciate that the oils in this product stop them from drying out and I didn’t find myself reaching for my balm throughout the day when I used this gloss. I’ve used it a few times already and I really like it for everyday wear. There are other shades available so you’re sure to find at least one that’s right for you! This was probably my favourite product in the voxbox.

Painted Fingertips | Scandaleyes eyelinerFinally, we have a second Rimmel product: Their Scandaleyes precision micro eyeliner. It has an ultra-fine tip to help you get the look you want. I’d recommend this product for occasions when you want to take your time and get the perfect graphic winged look.

Painted Fingertips | Scandaleyes EyelinerIt can create fine, controlled lines, although being the eyeliner beginner than I am, I really had to take my time with it. I need more practice with bold eyeliner looks (I usually just fill my waterline) but this will be one I’m reaching for when I want to try something bolder.

Painted Fingertips | Poppy VoxboxWasn’t that a fun voxbox? Although I wouldn’t try all of the products again, I’m glad I had the chance to test them out and see what I thought. Let me know if you have any more questions about any of these!