Review: Born Pretty Store Nail Foil

Painted Fingertips | Silver foil from Born Pretty Store

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Hi everyone!

Today I have a review of some Born Pretty Store nail foils. Since I bought some foil glue a couple of months ago, I decided it was time to give patterned foil another go and see if I could make it work for me.Painted Fingertips | Silver foil from Born Pretty StoreThe set I got from Born Pretty consists of 15 different foil patterns, in a small 4×10 cm sheet of each pattern. Each sheet is enough for 1-2 full manicures. There is a mixture of silver and gold, with different designs from solid colour to stars or circles or squares. I decided to try the silver starry foil first. Over a base of Darling Diva Smells Like Old Lady Pants, I painted some foil glue, waited for it to dry and then applied the foils.

As I was applying these, I realised I hadn’t waited long enough for the glue to dry. It was pulling back up in some spots, leading to the bare patches you see. This one is user error so for my second attempt I made sure to wait more than long enough for the glue to dry. Painted Fingertips | Silver foil from Born Pretty Store - macroAs you can see, this one is a pretty, starry pattern. Painted Fingertips | Gold foil from Born Pretty StoreI decided to try one of the gold foils next, patterned with squares. I used a base of Tip Top Gold Mine, painted on the foil glue and once I was certain it was dry, I added the foils. As you can see, waiting longer for the foil glue to dry was a success and these transferred really well. I took this picture before adding top coat in case the top coat took away from the foil finish, but there were a couple of problems with that. First of all, the foil really doesn’t last without some protection. In the 20 minutes from when I applied it to when I took pictures, I could already see damage in a couple of spots. Secondly, the foil glue is so sticky that it was still sticky despite the foil in a few spots, especially at the tips of my nails. I kept picking up cat hairs and had to be extra careful that I didn’t have any in the picture! Painted Fingertips | Gold foil from Born Pretty Store - macroAs you can see though, the foil looks pretty cool! My husband said this one reminded him of C3PO! I decided to add a little stamping to this one:Painted Fingertips | Gold foil from Born Pretty Store with black stampingI stamped using Moyou Roxy Collection 03 and added a top coat. As you can see, the top coat did dull the foil finish somewhat. I believe using a water-based top coat helps to preserve the foil look, but I didn’t have one to experiment with. I did still really like this look, though, and the base is still intensely metallic gold – I felt more as though the pattern became harder to see. Painted Fingertips | Gold foil from Born Pretty Store with black stamping - macroFinally, I decided to try some foil stamping. I’ve wanted to try this ever since Sassy Shelly posted about how she was able to get it to work best by creating decals on a mat. Painted Fingertips | Silver foil rosesI started with a base of Tip Top Turbulence, then used my stamping mat to stamp with Tip Top Armourplate and plate BPX-L014. I added the foils as quickly as I could, then peeled the decals off my mat and applied them to my nails. I found the result really underwhelming. It was a lot of effort for something that I felt would have likely looked better if I’d just stamped in silver. I think I may just need to experiment with it some more, though, because I took another look at Shelly’s post and her foil stamping looks amazing. I won’t give up just yet! Painted Fingertips | Silver foil roses macroOverall, these foils are fun and are good for a dramatic look. I think I may need some of that water-based top coat to use with them, though, because the effect really is lessened with a normal top coat.

If you’d like to try these foils, they’re available here, and don’t forget to use code KGG10 for 10% off any Born Pretty Store purchases!