Vapid Cyberpunk Swatch

Painted Fingertips | Swatch - Vapid Cyberpunk

Hi everyone!

Today I have swatches of a gorgeous polish to share with you, Vapid Cyberpunk. Unfortunately this polish is no longer available as it was only available for purchase during a single pre-order, so your only hope for getting this polish now is if it is resold. However, it is so beautiful that I wanted to show it to you anyway! I do have a few extra pictures of this one because I just couldn’t choose. Enjoy! Painted Fingertips | Swatch - Vapid CyberpunkVapid Cyberpunk is an intensely shifting multichrome AND holographic polish. There is often a trade-off between holo and multichrome in a polish, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here – both components are phenomenal. Painted Fingertips | Swatch - Vapid CyberpunkCyberpunk is described as a rose gold multichrome. I saw shades of pink and gold, shifting into purple and green. The shift is very strong and the colours make me think of a futuristic space station – so the name ‘Cyberpunk’ is very appropriate. Painted Fingertips | Swatch - Vapid CyberpunkI’ve angled my nails a little on this picture and you can see the green shades coming through. I didn’t try to take an underwater picture of this polish but I can only imagine that it would look phenomenal! Painted Fingertips | Swatch - Vapid CyberpunkYou can see the holo coming through a little more on the macro as well. I was very impressed with how well the multichrome and holo complimented one another in this shade. Painted Fingertips | Swatch - Vapid CyberpunkAnd another macro because the colours that are coming through are so different from what we saw in the first macro…Painted Fingertips | Swatch - Vapid CyberpunkI love how easily the shifting colours become visible! Painted Fingertips | Swatch - Vapid CyberpunkI’m not really one for chasing down the most exclusive polish and in general I prefer when polishes are available for a long time so that we can all get the ones we want… but I am very glad I decided to get my hands on this beauty. It is stunning and I can’t wait to get it on my nails again 🙂Painted Fingertips | Swatch - Vapid CyberpunkIf you also picked up a bottle of Cyberpunk, did you also love it? If not, don’t worry! Vapid makes many beautiful polishes, and there is often good information available in the Facebook group. I do also believe that some other brands have made polishes that are very similar to this one – I don’t personally own anything else similar to this polish, but this post by Be Happy Buy Polish shows off a similar shade from Great Lakes Lacquer.