Water Marble Wednesday: 3 Supermoons

Hi everyone!

It’s Water Marble Wednesday! It’s always fun to discover new polishes that marble. I’ve been meaning to use some of my Supermoon polishes from the I Am Cannibal collection in a water marble ever since I did this quick experiment with them a few weeks ago:Painted Fingertips | Water marble patternDoesn’t that look amazing? I have finally gotten around to getting these 3 lovely polishes on my nails!

Painted Fingertips | Water marble Wednesday with 3 SupermoonsI started off with a base of Sinful Colors Snow Me White, and then marbled using Supermoon Now I’m Gonna Eat You, Fool!, The Kinda Guy I’d Stalk in School, and And You’ll Be a Goner. These polishes are amazing together, they really complement one another.

The polishes are not quite as vibrant in the water marble, but they still look lovely and to me the best part is how well they go together. And they marble like a dream!

Painted Fingertips | Water marble Wednesday with 3 Supermoons macroI recently picked up a couple more shades from this collection, so I will have to do another marble using them as well!

Painted Fingertips | Water marble Wednesday with 3 SupermoonsWhat do you think?

Are there any polishes that surprised you with unexpected water marbling capabilities?