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Painted Fingertips | The Digital Dozen does Paper - Colouring books

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Hi everyone!

It’s Digital Dozen week! This week’s theme is paper. Although this isn’t my favourite theme ever, I’ve managed to come up with a few fun ideas and I’m certain we’ll be seeing some fantastic nail art from the rest of the group. For my first paper look, I decided to do some colouring book nail art.

Painted Fingertips | The Digital Dozen does Paper - Colouring booksOnce I decided on colouring book nails, I tried to take that as literally as possible and actually coloured in my nails using coloured pencils. This isn’t the first time I’ve used this technique – in the past I have used pencils to make a generic colourful background for some music notes, and I’ve coloured in some butterfly wings. I do think that this is my most successful use of this technique so far, though. It’s the first time that I’ve tried to colour in something this detailed and I’d say it was a success!

One thing that I changed from previous times I’ve used this technique was that I decided to use the watercolour capabilities of my coloured pencils. With normal colouring, the colour payoff isn’t very good and you get very light shades (which might be just what you’re looking for, in some cases). I wanted a more intense colour payoff this time so I dipped the pencils lightly in water before using them. Since they are aquarelle pencils, I got more intense colour and found them easier to use on my nails this way. Painted Fingertips | The Digital Dozen does Paper - Colouring booksI used several stamping plates to put together a fun girly colouring book look. I stamped everything using my Born Pretty store black stamping polish and used plates 春の歌-03 for the flowers on my middle finger; MLS301 for the rainbow and bird on my thumb; BPX-L018 for the happy little birds on my pinkie and index fingers; 春の歌-L045 for the book-and-flowers image on my ring finger; and BP-L029 for the flower on my index finger. I added a matte top coat to create the surface I needed for colouring in and I also finished off the look with a matte top coat.

Painted Fingertips | The Digital Dozen does Paper - Colouring books - macroAfter running out of my previous matte top coat, I decided to experiment a try a bottle of Sally Hansen’s Big Matte top coat. I am not impressed. I don’t want to waste it but I can’t wait till it’s used up so I can get a better one again. See the slight odd texture on my index finger? I did what I could to make it look okay, but that’s thanks to weird white ‘bits’ that came out with this top coat. I was much happier with the Revlon one I’d been using before this!

Painted Fingertips | The Digital Dozen does Paper - Colouring booksWhat do you think of my first paper look? Take a look at what the rest of the group came up with at these links:

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