NASA Nail art and BPS Chameleon Nail Flakies Review

Painted Fingertips | Born Pretty Store Chameleon Nail Flakies #4

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Hi everyone!

I can’t wait to show you the nail art I’ve done for today. It’s pretty fantas – but, no, I will wait. I must, because I have a review to share with you first! Keep reading because the nail art is going to be in the second half of this post 🙂

Painted Fingertips | Born Pretty Store Chameleon Nail Flakies #4Today I’m showing you another Born Pretty Store product, their Chameleon nail flakies. I have colour option #4, which is purple-to-cyan shifting flakes; several other colour options are available.

Painted Fingertips | Born Pretty Store Chameleon Nail Flakies #4These flakes come in the same little tubs that the chrome powders are packaged in, which instinctively made me want to try using it the same way. So, after a base of Sinful Colors Black on Black, I applied and cured a no-wipe gel top coat and started rubbing in the flakes. I found that this caused the flakes to break up and you ended up with more of a sheen of colour against the black – which can be a cool look, but I wanted full flakie goodness. So, instead, I carefully dabbed some flakies onto one nail at a time without rubbing them, and then added a top coat to keep them in place. Since this basically means that the flakes are enclosed between two layers of clear polish with no need to rub or burnish them to the nail, it should work equally well with regular poilsh. I still need to try that, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t and that would save the effort of using gel!

Painted Fingertips | Born Pretty Store Chameleon Nail Flakies #4 - macroAs you can see, these particular flakies mostly show purple, with cyan coming out at some angles. The flakes themselves are iridescent and appear whitish in the tub, so you’d likely get different effects over different base colours – although you generally get the strongest effect over a black base.

Painted Fingertips | Born Pretty Store Chameleon Nail Flakies #4And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the nail art! As I was applying these flakies, they reminded me of a colourful and mysterious nebula – the perfect base for space-themed nails. I decided to go with nails celebrating every kid (and many adult)’s dream job: NASA.

Painted Fingertips | NASA nail artI follow NASA on Twitter and it is always amazing to see the interesting things they are working on. Even as a scientist, NASA has always seemed to represent the leading edge. They’re pretty great – so, I did some NASA nails to celebrate them!

Painted Fingertips | NASA nail artThe spacey flakes provided the perfect backdrop. On my ring finger, we have a rocket taking off and reaching for the stars. My thumbnail has the NASA logo itself.

Painted Fingertips | NASA nail art - macroAs someone who loves Sci-Fi books and movies, NASA is like science fiction come to life. If anyone can reach for the stars and usher humanity into a new era, it’s them.

Painted Fingertips | NASA nail art - rocket macroThe flakes did turn out to be the perfect backdrop for this nail art!

Painted Fingertips | NASA nail artAs a child, my dream job was actually to be an environmental scientist – but only because I thought that meant living in a little cottage in the woods, where all of the animals would be my friends. What was your childhood dream job?