Review: Gold Floral Nail Stickers – Born Pretty Store

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Hi everyone!

Today I have a review of some gold outline nail stickers from Born Pretty Store to share with you. I picked out a floral pattern and decided it would look great over a multichrome polish.

Painted Fingertips | Gold floral Born Pretty Store nail stickersI started off with a base of ILNP Birefringence (h). This really is such a beautiful polish! I need more multichromes like this one in my stash! I carefully cut the stickers to size as best I could, stuck them down one nail at a time, and added a top coat.

Painted Fingertips | Gold floral Born Pretty Store nail stickersAs you can see, I had a big problem with the stickers wrinkling and coming up at the edges. They were very sticky so I think they just didn’t conform to my nails that well. They’d probably work better if your nails aren’t as curved as mine. However, these did look amazing from a short distance – like the distance you’d usually see someone’s nails in real life. You couldn’t really see the wrinkles until you looked closer.

Perhaps they also would have worked better had I been able to cut them more precisely to size – it’s something I’ve always struggled with with nail stickers and one thing I really dislike about them. It’s really difficult to cut to an accurate size, especially when you need to account for the curve of your nails!

Painted Fingertips | Gold floral Born Pretty Store nail stickers - macroI will say that the gold over Birefringence looked incredible. It was the right choice for a base polish!

Painted Fingertips | Gold floral Born Pretty Store nail stickersDo you also have trouble with stickers like these wrinkling, or do you have a secret to getting them to lie flat? Let me know in the comments!

If you’d like to try these stickers for yourself, they’re available here, and don’t forget to use code KGG10 for 10% off any Born Pretty Store purchases.