Stamping Plate BP-L052 Review

Some items in this post were provided for review. This post contains affiliate links.

Hi everyone!

It has been so hot and humid the past couple of days here – something I never thought I’d be saying about Minnesota before I moved here! It looks like it might rain today so I’m hoping it’ll cool down just a little.

Today I have a review of another Born Pretty Store stamping plate, plate BP-L052, to share with you. Before I start showing you any of the nail art (and let me tell you right now that both looks I did are pretty great and you should at least look at this whole post!), a note about the plate itself. When I received this plate, several of the images were different than those shown on the site. Here is my photograph of the plate (excuse the reflections):

And, the plate as advertised on the site:
BORN PRETTY 12*6cm Rectangle Stamping Template Floral Design Manicure Nail Art Image Plate BP-L052Some of the images seem to just appear in a different order, while others are completely different. The plate still has a similar vibe and either version is beautiful, but do be aware of this before purchasing this plate. Now for the two stamped nail art looks I’ve created using this plate!

I went with two straightforward stamped looks with plate BP-L052. The images are pretty enough on their own and I didn’t feel like making any stamping decals – although a few of these images could be used to make really stunning decals. I’m sure I’ll be coming back to them in the future!

Painted Fingertips | Silver stamping over blue-green gradientFor the first look, I did some stamping over a gradient. I first created a gradient using Supermoon Lacquer Pistol Star and Polar Light, then stamped using Powder Perfect Silver Stamping Polish and plate BP-L052.

Painted Fingertips | Silver stamping over blue-green gradientI love stamping over gradients. The gradient provides a pretty base for the stamping; and the stamping makes the gradient look smooth and perfect. So a gradient with added stamping is really more than the sum of its parts!

Painted Fingertips | Silver stamping over blue-green gradient - macroAs you can see, the stamp transferred perfectly. This is another great quality, well etched plate from Born Pretty. Also, how pretty is that gradient? I was right in thinking that these two Supermoons would be perfect together.

Painted Fingertips | Silver stamping over blue-green gradientI really love that first nail art! Simple but oh, so pretty.

Painted Fingertips | Gold stamping over Northern Star Shark BiteFor my second look, I started out with a base of Northern Star Shark Bite. I had a feeling gold would complement the teal well, so I stamped using Powder Perfect Golden Stamping Polish and two images from plate BP-L052. I really like the image I used on my thumb!

Painted Fingertips | Gold stamping over Northern Star Shark BiteWith my shorter nails at the moment, only the central part of the image is fitting onto my nails. I love that these images look pretty on shorter nails but can accommodate more length as well!

Painted Fingertips | Gold stamping over Northern Star Shark Bite - macroThat macro is a reminder of how pretty Shark Bite is. And it does go perfectly with the gold!

Painted Fingertips | Gold stamping over Northern Star Shark BiteWhich of these two looks do you like best?

If you’d like to purchase this plate, it’s available here, and don’t forget to use code KGG10 for 10% off any Born Pretty Store purchases!