Painted Fingertips is 4!

Painted Fingertips | Freehand flowers for the #31DC2016

Hi everyone!

Painted Fingertips is 4! Can you believe it? It’s crazy to think that I’ve been blogging for that long! It has definitely become a part of my life and I hope there will be many more years to come! For my first blogging anniversary, I shared my nail art progress over my first year as a blogger. Since then, for my second and for my third blogging anniversaries, I have shared my top 10 nail art looks from the preceding year. This year is no different – I have my top 10 looks from the past year to share with you! This is always a really tough decision and I always end up with about 50 I want to show you, but in the end I managed to narrow it down to my 10 favourites (with a a little help!)

First, though a quick life update! My husband, kitty cat and I have now been living in the US for 2 years as I work on my PhD. We have found our place here and we are really enjoying living here now! I am glad to say that things are going well with my studies so far and I feel like we’ve settled into comfort for the first time in a couple of years. As this post goes live, we’re actually enjoying a quick vacation – we should be looking up at Mount Rushmore right about now! Now that things are a little less crazy than they were in the wake of us getting married and moving over here, we’re taking the time we have to do the things we’ve always wanted to – for example, I finally got a new camera for the blog, and in the coming year I’m determined to finally fulfil my lifelong dream of learning to play the saxophone.

Back to the nails – as I mentioned, I’ll be sharing my 10 favourite looks from the past year. I couldn’t possibly put these in any kind of order, so I am showing them to you in the order they were originally posted. Enjoy!

Painted Fingertips | Freehand flowers for the #31DC2016The first one is from almost a year ago. You may recall that for last year’s 31 Day Challenge, I decided to do every single nail art freehand. The result was several of my favourite nail art looks ever! In fact, no less than 4 of my top 10 nail art looks come from last year’s 31 Day challenge. This one consisted of some porcelain-delicate freehand flowers inspired by @CottonConey.

Painted Fingertips | Lord of the Rings nails for the #31DC2016The second one is this Lord of the Rings nail art. Not the most complex, but the lettering is perfect and I was so proud of the fact that I made the base polish myself!

Painted Fingertips | Game of Thrones nails for the #31DC2016

Next, the third one from last year’s 31 day challenge – Game of Thrones nail art. Can you tell I enjoy fantasy? This nail art was inspired by StarryNail and I couldn’t help but love the version I created!

Painted Fingertips | Landscape nail art for the #31DC2016

The fourth look is the final one from last year’s 31 Day Challenge, and was inspired by this post on Piggieluv. I had a lot of fun painting this one, and I just loved the bright colours of the sunset landscape.

Painted Fingertips | Beach Nail ArtFor the fifth nail art, I have something completely different in these beach nails. I had these in my top 20 as I was picking the 10 for this post, and honestly I would have probably eliminated them if both my husband and a friend I roped in hadn’t insisted that they make the final 10. Not because I don’t love them – I do! But just because they were so much easier to create than most of the others on this list! I suppose that shouldn’t matter – in fact it is an advantage if pretty nail art is also easy to make 🙂

Painted Fingertips | Glittery floral stamping decals using BPS stamping matThis one is the first look on the list that was actually posted this year! These floral stamping decals are still my most successful stamping decals I have created so far.

Painted Fingertips | The Digital Dozen Does Art - First Snow Fall by Megan DuncansonI first posted this nail art inspired by an artwork called First Snow Fall by Megan Duncanson back in the Digital Dozen Does Art week. I discovered some art I absolutely love during that week and I loved the nail art I created in its honour, too!

Painted fingertips | Flamingo Falls - The Digital Dozen Does ArtIn fact, I enjoyed Art week so much that I have a second nail art from that week on the list! This lovely flamingo landscape look was inspired by this beautiful painting by Ann Marie Bone.

Painted Fingertips | Neon water marble - Sweet & Sour Lacquer Catchphrases collectionNumber 9 is my only water marble on the list! Despite the fact that I had a hard time marbling with these particular neons, I made what is probably my favourite marble ever using them! It is ridiculously bright and the tight swirls are so fun!

Painted Fingertips | Tree frog nailsLast but not least – my tree frog nail art! I absolutely LOVED this nail art and I was so happy with how well the combination of freehand and stamping worked!

Well, that’s it for another year of blogging! Let’s see what the next year has to offer – lots of Digital Dozen nail art, and hopefully, some better photos with my new camera!

Do you agree with my top 10 choices? Did I leave something off that you think belonged on this list?