#5minutenailart – Glitter and Stamping

Painted Fingertips | #5minutenailart - glitter and stamping

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Hi everyone!

If you’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting quite as much lately, it’s because I’ve been exceptionally busy over the past few weeks. With this in mind, I was trying to throw something together for a post today when I realised it was the perfect reason to do another #5minutenailart post! It has been a while since I’ve done one of these, but a lack of time is exactly why I came up with the idea in the first place. I explained all that in my first #5minutenailart post last year. Basically, I force myself to do some quick nail art by allowing only 5 minutes to turn a plain-colour manicure into some fun nail art.

Painted Fingertips | #5minutenailart - glitter and stampingThis time around, I decided to combine glitter and stamping to create something quick and effective. I started off with a base of Morgan Taylor Danced and Sang-ria. On my middle and pinkie nails, I added some glitter using Crowstoes Buy Polish. For my ring finger, I used Vapid Cyberpunk and Born Pretty Store plate BP-L078.

Painted Fingertips | #5minutenailart - glitter and stampingI was really happy with how well everything came together in this look. The colours of the glitter and the stamping work well together and by mixing the two, it allows the two blank nails to become a cohesive part of the whole look and you save time by not having to do any art on those two nails.

Painted Fingertips | #5minutenailart - glitter and stamping - macroI had to include macros of both the glitter and the stamping, because both of them look amazing. I really love this glitter topper, it’s especially gorgeous over darker colours like this!

Painted Fingertips | #5minutenailart - glitter and stamping - macroAnd, every time I use it, I’m happier that I picked up Vapid Cyberpunk! It is so stunning and shifty and it stamps like perfection.

Painted Fingertips | #5minutenailart - glitter and stampingI just love this manicure and the fact that I could add the nail art in under 5 minutes just makes it even better. I should work on bringing this series back for good!

Painted Fingertips | #5minutenailart - glitter and stamping What do you think of my quick stamping/glitter combo?