Review: Born Pretty Store Pink Holo Chrome Nail Powder

Painted Fingertips | Born pretty store magenta holo nail powder

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Hi everyone!

Today I have a review of a Born Pretty Store holo chrome nail powder to share with you! These powders have been around for a while now, but different colours and effects are always becoming available. The one I have to show you today is an intense holo chrome finish in pink.

Painted Fingertips | Born pretty store magenta holo chrome nail powderSo stunning on the nail! I have to say that I enjoy nail pigment powders so much more since figuring out a reliable way to apply them without needing to use gel polish. Using gel is just too much effort for me personally when I change my nail polish so regularly.

Painted Fingertips | Born pretty store magenta holo chrome nail powderTo get this look, I applied a coat of Yellow Stopper and let it dry to a slightly tacky finish. I then used the eyeshadow applicator that came packaged with this powder and gently dabbed and rubbed the powder onto each nail. I applied a second coat of yellow stopper and repeated the process to ensure I had good coverage with the powder. This one is nice and opaque so that’s all it took to get this gorgeous finish! As you can see, there is a significant holographic component (most visible in my angled photo above), but the shiny chrome pink is most dominant.

Painted Fingertips | Born pretty store magenta holo chrome nail powder - macroI didn’t add a top coat since regular top coats tend to dull the intense chrome finish on these and I still haven’t gotten around to getting a water-based top coat, which is generally recommended to preserve the finish on chrome nails. Going without a top coat worked fine for my purposes but you should be aware that the finish will dull before long without a top coat – I really need to remember to purchase a water-based one!

Painted Fingertips | Born pretty store magenta holo chrome nail powderOverall, I really liked using this powder! I was a little unsure about the pink since I don’t wear pink polish very often, but I ended up really liking the magenta-leaning pink shade. Powders like this one have definitely grown on me recently.

If you’d like to give this product a try, it’s available here, and there are other colours available at that link too (the one I selected was #3). You can also use the code KGG10 for 10% off any Born Pretty Store purchases.

What do you think of holo chrome powders like this one?