Dark and Mysterious Drip Marble

Painted Fingertips | Dark Drip Marble

Hi everyone!

I recently shared my Jupiter drip marble nail art with you, and not only did I absolutely love the outcome of the nail art, but I also really enjoyed the process of creating the drip marble. So, I decided to do another one! This one isn’t inspired by any cool NASA images, it’s just a random drip marble in deep, dark colours.

Painted Fingertips | Dark Drip MarbleOnce again, I love it! The vibe of this drip marble is completely different thanks to the mostly dark colours I’ve used, but I think I was successful in finding colours that worked well together with just enough lighter polish to help define the patterns of the drip marble.

To get this look, I used this whole list of polishes:
Tip Top Kingfisher
Tip Top Gold Digger
Polish ‘M Uplift
Baroness X Be Happy
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Rent Boy
Supermoon Lacquer The Hound of Hades

I dripped each of these polishes together onto a flat plastic lid, and then angled and turned the lid to allow them to drip and swirl together. Once I was happy with the patterns, I allowed it to dry, then peeled it off and cut out pieces to use as decals.

Painted Fingertips | Dark Drip MarbleI usually repeat the drip marble technique 2 to 3 times with each creating enough decal material for 2 to 3 nails. That way I can also pick and choose which sections of the decals look best to put on my nails.

Painted Fingertips | Dark Drip MarbleI really loved how my middle nail came out. Look at those perfect swirls! I liked my ring finger a lot as well – it is almost like a multicoloured halfmoon on that nail. Painted Fingertips | Dark Drip MarbleI had so much fun creating this drip marble! I think I will have to do yet another one soon. A big advantage of this technique is that you can create the decals fully without actually doing anything on your nails, then the actual manicure part is quick. That allows me to do this nail art over a couple of evenings when I’m pressed for time!

What do you think of this dark and deep drip marble?