The Digital Dozen Does Futuristic: Gold-Dipped Nails

Painted Fingertips | Metal-dipped futuristic nails

Hi everyone!

It’s day 3 of the Digital Dozen does Futuristic! So far this week, I’ve done Star Trek nails and futuristic half-moon nails. Today, I have my most extreme and far-future futuristic look of the week to share with you!

Painted Fingertips | Metal-dipped futuristic nailsIn the future, of course, all of our jobs will have been automated, so we won’t need to work any more. The wealthy will wash using sonic showers (yay Star Trek!), so no need to use hands there. Technology will be either voice-activated or directly linked to our thoughts, so we won’t even need to type or click a mouse button. With no need to use their hands for anything, the best way for the upper-class to show that they are upper-class will be with metal-dipped fingers!

Painted Fingertips | Metal-dipped futuristic nailsOf course, I’m just being silly here 🙂 but I had a lot of fun creating these over-the-top metallic nails and fingers!

Painted Fingertips | Metal-dipped futuristic nailsBefore I tell you how I got this look, I want to preface with please do NOT try this yourself! I used products in a way in which they are not intended to be used and which is not safe. I did it for the art, but I would absolutely not recommend it. Also note that the metallic look started cracking along my joints almost immediately; I literally created this, photographed it, and removed it immediately as it is completely impractical.

Now that that’s out of the way, to get this look, I started by applying a layer of liquid latex over all of my nails and up my fingers up to where I wanted the metallic look to go. Once it was dry, I applied a coat of a no-wipe gel top coat over it, over fingers and nails. This is the unsafe part – gel is not for use on skin! I had hoped that the liquid latex would protect my skin, but I did still experience some burning when curing the gel (fortunately, not enough to damage my skin).

I then rubbed on a few different chrome and holo powders and loose flakes – I used my silver chrome powder, rose gold chrome powder, silver holo powder, purple-green multichrome flakes, and silver holo flakes. I topped it with another coat of the gel and cured it.

Painted Fingertips | Metal-dipped futuristic nails - macroAs I mentioned, it didn’t take much for the gel to start cracking along my joints, so I tried not to move my fingers too much and just took pictures! My husband saw me doing these and even so, when he saw the pictures, he said it looked like a fake hand! So, yes, this is my actual hand! Once I was done with the pictures, the liquid latex allowed me to peel it up easily – and the nail art I had on underneath was still intact! (I didn’t bother removing it for this!)

Painted Fingertips | Metal-dipped futuristic nailsThis may be completely unwearable – at least for now – but I honestly loved it! What do you think?

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