The Digital Dozen Does Futuristic: Jupiter Nails

Painted Fingertips | Jupiter nail art - macro

Hi everyone!

It’s the final day of The Digital Dozen’s Futuristic week, and I’ve saved my favourite look for last! It was only my favourite by a small margin – I loved my metallic dipped fingers as well. The other looks I’ve shared so far this week were some Star Trek nails, holo and neon geometric nails, and chrome half-moon nails. Today, I have done some nails inspired by Jupiter!

Painted Fingertips | Jupiter nail artSome of the things NASA are doing right now are pretty futuristic already. And, they are only going to continue with their innovations in new and better ways to explore and understand space. Ever since Juno arrived at Jupiter, I have been astounded by the stunning images it is sending us of the gas giant. I was inspired by those stunning pictures, and especially this one, when creating this nail art.

Painted Fingertips | Jupiter nail artI used the drip marble technique to get this effect. I dripped a few drops of Butter London Tea With the Queen, Darling Diva Let the Wookie Win, Color Club Cosmic Fate, Polish ‘M Woodland Stroll, Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Chasing the Skyline, Seche Whimsical, and Darling Diva The Hot Kitsune onto a plastic lid. I then tipped and turned the lid in different directions to let the different polishes drip and flow through one another. Once I was happy with the effect, I left it to dry on the lid. Once it was dry enough, I carefully peeled it off, cut out rectangles, and applied them to each nail using a layer of tacky polish. Since the decals were made of polish, I was then able to clean up as usual.

Painted Fingertips | Jupiter nail art - macroMy husband has been suggesting for ages that I do a Jupiter-inspired nail art, and I’m glad I finally did! I absolutely love the effect and I think I did a great job capturing the way the stunning images from Juno look. Every time I see a new image of Jupiter I am more amazed – I really think it is the most beautiful planet in our solar system, inhospitable or not!

Painted Fingertips | Jupiter nail artCan you believe another Digital Dozen week is over? I really enjoyed this theme, I think it was my favourite since joining the group!

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