Review: Beauty Big Bang Holo Nail Flakes

Some items in this post were provided for review.

Hi everyone!

Last week I showed you some shifty purple-green nail flakies from Beauty Big Bang, and today I’m back with another review of one of their nail products. This is another loose nail powder-type product, and this time it’s silver holographic flakes! The best picture is at the very end so make sure you look at the whole post to see it!

Painted Fingertips | Beauty Big Bang Holo Nail FlakesDon’t they look cool? I was instantly blown away by how strong the holo effect is on these. I know some people may prefer the smoother effect of a fine holo powder (watch this space, I’ll be reviewing one very soon!) but I really liked the effect the larger particles gave. I found it more interesting than a fine powder under light conditions where the holo didn’t come out much, and the holo effect was gorgeous and strong under brighter lighting.

Painted Fingertips | Beauty Big Bang Holo Nail FlakesThese come in the same small plastic tub that is used for all of the loose pigment/powder products, along with a small eyeshadow applicator to apply them to the nail. I once again applied these using a base of Yellow Stopper and gently rubbed the flakes onto the slightly tacky finish. I did either 2 or 3 layers of these flakes (I need to take better notes!) to get full coverage, and didn’t top coat them.

Painted Fingertips | Beauty Big Bang Holo Nail FlakesOn this picture you see what I meant with when the holo doesn’t come out as much: A picture taken at a direct angle like this one doesn’t allow much holo to come through, but the silver flakes still create an interesting effect.

Painted Fingertips | Beauty Big Bang Holo Nail FlakesAren’t they pretty? I’m a huge fan of these ones! I’m sure I’ll be using them as the base for some nail art before long!

Painted Fingertips | Beauty Big Bang Holo Nail FlakesJust look at that holo effect! If you’d like to try these, they’re available here, and you can use the code KERRY for 10% off your order.