Christmas Cookie Mani Swap | Brown & Nude Swirls

Painted Fingertips | Spiral cookies

Hi everyone!

I have something extra special to share with you today. Over the past several weeks, Sarah of 25 Sweetpeas has been putting together an amazing collaborative cookies and manicures project. 8 participants, including myself, have made some yummy cookies along with nail art to match!

Painted Fingertips | Cookie mani swapSarah worked really hard at this and made the most incredible downloadable including recipes for all 8 cookies along with their matching nail art looks! It’s a gorgeous mini magazine with perfect holiday cookie recipes – I hope you will check it out! You can download it by clicking this button:

If you’d like to see more about the cookies and nails I did for this collaboration, click through to the full post!

Painted Fingertips | Brown and nude swirled water marble to match cookiesI took some pictures as I was making the cookies so you could follow along step by step if you like! Start off with 250 g butter (and note the downloadable includes a conversion cheat sheet if the units I’m using are confusing for you!).

I always cheat a little and melt the butter to make it easier to blend with the other ingredients.

Add 250 g sugar. I actually don’t have a kitchen scale so I was looking up ml conversions and then estimating as best I could with a coffee mug!

Add 1 t vanilla essence…

And then mix it all up!

Add 2 eggs to the mixture, and beat them in.

The recipe then calls for 2 T rum, but I didn’t have any rum, so I added hazelnut Kahlua. I thought it might add a nice nutty flavour to the cookies, but in the end I actually didn’t taste it at all.

Get it all well mixed again!

Next, add 500 g flour and ½ t baking powder. I sifted mine into the cookie mixture, although I’m sure it would work fine without the sifting.

Mix mix mix!

I don’t have an electric mixer or anything like that, so I was just doing the best I could with a fork. It worked well enough!

Next, divide the mixture into 2 halves and add 5 T cocoa to one half.

The original recipe only called for 3 T cocoa, but that wasn’t enough for me to get the brown colour everywhere, so I added a little more along with a tiny bit of liquid to help me get it mixed through.

Still a little uneven in colour but that’s the best I could do with my fork!

As you can see, it is nice and cohesive the moment you try to roll it up. The original recipe said you should refrigerate it for a while before rolling it out, but that didn’t work well for me: refrigerating it just made it hard and I had to wait for it to warm up before I rolled it out.

Roll out both colours! I didn’t have a rolling pin so I took a suggestion from Kristi of Beginnails and used a wine bottle! It worked perfectly.

Using a little of the final egg between the 2 colours to help them stick, pick up one colour and place it on top of the other. It doesn’t really matter if it breaks apart, just take the pieces and try to create a solid layer of cookie dough. Then, roll it up so it forms a log.

Now, the recipe calls for refrigeration again before slicing the log into cookies. With the first log, I was too impatient, and the cookies looked like this:

They got a bit squished as I sliced them and the edges look jagged. So, with the second log, I decided to try refrigerating it for a couple of hours. These were the resulting cookie slices:

Much better! So definitely refrigerate the log for a few hours, then take it out and carefully slice it into cookies.

Finally, bake the cookies about 10 minutes at 190ºC (375ºF). I baked mine for 12 minutes as I know my oven tends to take a little longer.

Painted Fingertips | Spiral cookiesThis was the final result! Yum! I used to make these fairly often with my mom as a child and it is just irresistible to eat these cookies in a spiral, separating the colours! We used to make some other patterns as well, but I like the spirals best.

Now for the matching nails! One of the main reasons I selected these cookies for this collaboration was the potential for good matching nail art. I decided to go with a water marble.

Painted Fingertips | Brown and nude swirled water marble to match cookiesUsing Zoya Misty and Desiree, I created swirly, spirally marbled patterns on each nail to match the cookies.

Painted Fingertips | Brown and nude swirled water marble to match cookiesI wish I had a nude polish which matched the colour of the cookies better, but this one worked well enough. I love the swirling patterns I created!

Painted Fingertips | Brown and nude swirled water marble to match cookiesThis nail art is also reminiscent of the lattes some of you might like to enjoy together with your cookies!

Painted Fingertips | Brown and nude swirled water marble to match cookiesDon’t forget, there are 7 more yummy cookie recipes and matching nail art looks in the downloadable! Everyone has done an amazing job on both cookies and nails, so you should definitely check it out! These are the contributors:

Painted Fingertips | Cookie mani swapIf you’re on a mobile device, you can download the full booklet using the QR code on this image:

Or just click below to get the downloadable with all 8 recipes and nail art looks!