The Digital Dozen Does My Home – Snowy Winters in Minnesota

Hi everyone!

It’s Digital Dozen week! This week’s theme is ‘my home’. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to participate every day this week, as I am out of town at a conference and didn’t get time to finish all 5 nail art looks. I will have a couple to share, though, and you can check out the other Digital Dozen member’s blogs for more nail art looks this week! We also just had a few new members join the group – I think most are only starting next month, but we might have a couple of new faces joining in this month already!

Painted Fingertips | 3D snow nail art

For my first look, I went with my current home in Minnesota. The winter cold was a little late to arrive this year, but it’s officially here along with some snow. Snow was very new and exciting to me when I first moved here, and despite the fact that the summers here are quite warm, Minnesota is known for its cold and snowy winters.

Painted Fingertips | 3D snow nail art

To get this look, I started with a base of Baroness X Stone Fox, which by the way is a gorgeous polish! I’ll post a swatch sometime soon. On my middle and ring fingers, I used Madam Glam Sugar 3D gel to create the 3D snowflakes. I really enjoy using this 3D gel for nail art, but I do wish I could manage finer lines with it! On my other nails, I used some iridescent glitters I have and snowflake glitters I got as an extra in a previous Polish ‘M order.

Painted Fingertips | 3D snow nail art

My simple 3D snowflake!

Painted Fingertips | 3D snow nail art

I must confess, I started out this manicure thinking I’d do 3D snowflakes on all my nails, but it was taking longer than I expected and I needed a quicker way to finish off the look. Fortunately I had these cute little snowflake glitters!   Painted Fingertips | 3D snow nail art

I really enjoy the snow here, especially when it is fresh!   Painted Fingertips | 3D snow nail art

What do you think of my 3D nail art?

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