Snowflake Nail Glitter

Painted Fingertips | Snowflake glitter nail art

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Hi everyone!

It’s almost Christmas! It might already be Christmas where you are – Merry Christmas to you, if so! I didn’t get much chance to do Christmassy nail art this year, but I have a look today which is quick, easy, and perfect for the time of year.

Painted Fingertips | Snowflake glitter nail art

I grew up with a summertime Christmas, but the ‘white Christmas’ culture is so strong that snowflakes and snowy scenes still seem perfect, even when the weather is warm. And now that I’m in Minnesota, everything really is covered with snow! Also – snowflakes are pretty whether or not you celebrate Christmas.

Painted Fingertips | Snowflake glitter nail art

To get this look, I started with a base of Polish ‘m Cold Hands, Warm Heart. I then used a rhinestone picker to carefully place various glitters from this star and snowflake glitter mix. These are available in two mixes from Born Pretty Store – either snowflakes with bar glitter and stars, or replace the stars with hearts.

While putting this look together, I did find myself wishing that the snowflakes were packaged separately from the other glitters. There are fewer snowflakes than other shapes in the mix and it was a little annoying trying to separate them from the rest of the glitters.

Painted Fingertips | Snowflake glitter nail art - macro

I was really glad to discover that these glitters are very thin. That allowed me to stick down each point of the snowflakes – I had thought they would be stiffer and would stick up off the nail. I was able to get them nice and flat, although the rough edges of the glitter were still prone to catching on clothes so they didn’t stay flat for long.  Painted Fingertips | Snowflake glitter nail art Isn’t it pretty? If you’d like to try out this glitter mix yourself, it’s available here. It would also be a fun mix for arts and crafts!

What fun plans do you have this Christmas?