Purple Drip Marble plus Video Tutorial | January Theme week

Painted Fingertips | Purple drip marble nail art

Hi everyone!

I’ve spent basically all my weekend on YouTube going from one video to the next. I started off on “booktube” looking for new books, then I was watching some new music videos, then I ended up looking on SimplyNailogical’s channel and got inspiration for the look I’m bringing you today. I love YouTube because I can use it when I’m bored to find things like books, makeup, nail art, and loads more things that I would have no idea about if it weren’t for people sharing their ideas.

It’s the second day of January’s theme week! Yesterday I posted some fun pink and blue marbled nails. Today I have another drip marble in shades of purple – and also a tutorial! If you’d like to see exactly how I’ve created this drip marble, click here to watch my video tutorial.

Painted Fingertips | Purple drip marble nail art

Isn’t it cool? After I did this drip marble in shades of green a while ago, I wanted to try the same this with different predominant colours. By now you probably know I’m a big fan of purple, so I had to try a marble in shades of purple.

Painted Fingertips | Purple drip marble nail art

To get this look, I used China Glaze Tart-y For the Party, Sinful Colors Lavander, Supermoon The Hunger and Triangulum, Zoya Trixie, and Seche Intrepid. They worked so well together! This makes me want to do monochromatic drip marbles in all the colours – blue, pink, even an orange one would be fun if I can scrounge up enough orange polishes!

Painted Fingertips | Purple drip marble nail art - macro

This was my favourite nail this time around – I really like the little loop of different shades of purple that I got on it.

Painted Fingertips | Purple drip marble nail art Two more drip marbles to go this week! I hope you’re enjoying my very first theme week so far. Don’t forget that you can see a video tutorial for this nail art here. Let me know what you think in the comments!