Dragon Scale Diamond Glitter

Painted Fingertips | Dragon scale glitter placement

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Hi everyone!

Have you realised by now that I like dragons? Your first hint was over 3 years ago when I posted freehand dragon nail art for the first time. After that, it was a while before I returned to my favourite mythical creature, but I eventually got back to it with some Game of Thrones inspired dragons. Since then, I’ve also done not one, but two dragon eye looks, and another freehand dragon.

Today, I’ve done some dragon scale-esque glitter placement.

Painted Fingertips | Dragon scale glitter placement

I recently got these diamond-shaped oil slick glitters from Born Pretty Store. These come in a set with 6 different colours, each in their own little tub. Each colour has some duochrome/oil slick-like shift. The ones I used here are the darkest, with a deep blue-purple-green shift. Other colours in the set include a silver-green, pinkish-green, green-light pink, gold-dark pink, and silvery iridescent. All are really pretty, and I picked the one that made me think ‘dragon’ the most.

Painted Fingertips | Dragon scale glitter placement

Over a base of Supermoon’s Crossroad Blues, I applied a coat of foil glue and then stuck the glitters one by one. The shape doesn’t interlock perfectly, but I just stuck them close together as best as possible.

Painted Fingertips | Dragon scale glitter placement

I had already seen on this post on Druid Nails that top coat ruined the multichrome effect of the glitters, so I tried a water-based top coat on my pinkie (I finally got one!). Unfortunately, this also dulled the effect of the glitters, as you can see in the photo above. I didn’t use any top coat for the other nails, but it is unfortunate considering that glitter placement nails will never be completely smooth. Top coat would have helped to prevent individual glitters from catching on things and getting pulled off, so it really is too bad that it doesn’t seem to work.

Painted Fingertips | Dragon scale glitter placement - macro

When I went to take another look at Druid Nails’ post, I realised she’d placed the glitters in an overlapping way that looked even more like dragon scales. I will have to try that with one of the other colours in the set!

Painted Fingertips | Dragon scale glitter placement

These are definitely fun and have a cool effect, even if they aren’t perfect. If you’d like to try them, you can get the set of 6 colours here (currently priced at $2.59). You can also use code KGG10 for 10% off your order!

Does this look remind you of dragon hide?