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Painted Fingertips | Custom polish - Northern Star Polish Relaxation

Hi everyone!

Today I am sharing the fourth custom polish I had made to celebrate 5 years of Painted Fingertips. Make sure you enter to win a bottle of this polish as well as the 4 others I had made for this celebration!

Today I am sharing a gorgeous teal from Northern Star Polish, called Relaxation. Painted Fingertips | Custom polish - Northern Star Polish Relaxation bottle macroBack when I first moved to Minnesota, 3 years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long!) I decided to look up which indie brands were local to me so that I could support them. One that came up was Northern Star, but sadly, the brand was on hiatus and the shop was empty. I was disappointed since they made gorgeous polish! Then, about a year and a half ago they were back with a bang. Kristin started taking part in Polish Pickup and while she hasn’t come out with any new full collections (I’m waiting impatiently for the day she does!), she’s been creating gorgeous polish after gorgeous polish for Polish Pickup.

Painted Fingertips | Custom polish - Northern Star Polish RelaxationWhen I contacted Kristin, I gave her a dark teal swatch, mentioned that I loved her previous polishes Age of Aquarius and Scream of Nature, and asked her to create something in true Northern Star style. I did want to give Kristin a special shoutout for the amazing way she handled the custom – she got back to me with multiple different colour palettes for different flakes, shimmers etc that would be in the polish, along with specific ingredient ideas, so that I could pick out which I loved most. It was a really cool way to think about the polish and showed me the effort that she was putting into creating exactly what I wanted! Painted Fingertips | Custom polish - Northern Star Polish RelaxationRelaxation is a dark teal base packed with flakies – I’m seeing teal-green and blue-purple shifting flakes. There is also a strong teal-gold shifting shimmer. Shown here are 2 coats with top coat.

Painted Fingertips | Custom polish - Northern Star Polish Relaxation bottle shotAs I was brainstorming my own ideas for these customs, I had the names of the brands I wanted to include, and I had a few colour swatches and names I was deciding between. I had a hard time deciding which brand to match with which colour, but I thought about which of their past polishes I had loved the most and tried to match them up with their strengths. Now that I have all of the polishes, I’m confident I made the right choices. Northern Star was the perfect choice for this deep, complex teal. Every one of these polishes has wowed me and reminded me of why these brands are my favourites!

Painted Fingertips | Custom polish - Northern Star Polish Relaxation macroSpeaking of the deep and complex teal – just look at all those flakes! The base is also just squishy enough to make this polish look good enough to swim in!

Painted Fingertips | Custom polish - Northern Star Polish Relaxation brush macroBack in April 2017, for the very first Polish Pickup, Kristin made her comeback with Scream of Nature. I saw some swatches and I was blown away, and so glad that Northern Star was back. I had started hearing about Polish Pickup, but I hadn’t yet quite figured out how it worked and I missed Scream of Nature. I’m not usually too fazed by missing a polish, there are so many beautiful ones to try, but I was pretty disappointed that I missed that one. I had mentioned it to Kristin as a past polish I loved and was sad I missed while giving her guidelines for what I wanted out of Relaxation. When I received my package from her with the bottles of Relaxation, I pulled them out and noticed there was an extra bottle. My first thought was that she must have had some overpour of Relaxation, and it was so nice of her to throw in an extra bottle for me. I unwrapped the first one and was confused for a second – this seemed bluer than what we had discussed. Then I took a look at the name label… Kristin had sent me a bottle of Scream of Nature! My jaw just dropped. I thought that polish was just gone forever and it was a complete surprise. I am so grateful, thank you again Kristin!

Painted Fingertips | Custom polish - Northern Star Polish RelaxationDon’t forget to enter to win Relaxation and the other 4 custom polishes I had made! If you join Northern Star Polish Fans, you’ll also have a second chance to win Relaxation soon!