Rose Needle Drag

Painted Fingertips | Rose needle drag nail art

Hi everyone!

It seems like over the past couple of weeks, winter noticed that it hadn’t been around here all that much and it’s making up for lost time! First we had the icy polar vortex, and now this week we’ve just had one snowstorm after another. It seemed as though barely any snow had fallen for most of this winter, and now we’ve got at least a foot. It looks lovely on the tree branches and the fresh snow is soft, white and sparkly… but there’s always that part of me that’s just waiting for Spring! So, I have some floral nail art to share with you today.

Painted Fingertips | Rose needle drag nail art

I decided to do some needle drag roses and I combined several gorgeous polishes to get an opulent look. I’ve done needle drag roses a couple of times before, both years ago, firstly over a neutral base and later over a soft gradient. Looking back at those pictures, I’m loving that gradient! I should try using those colours together again!

Painted Fingertips | Rose needle drag nail art - macro

To get this look, I started with a base of Tonic Polish Incandescent. Once that was dry, I did the roses using Northern Star Style & Substance and used a needle to drag marble KBShimmer Up to Snow Good and Fair Maiden Lake Nokomis 2.0 through it. I used Lake Nokomis 2.0 for some dots in the background as well. For the leaves, I used Supermoon Lacquer Luck of the Draw.

Painted Fingertips | Rose needle drag nail art

I’m loving the shift in Incandescent! What do you think of this look?