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31 Day Challenge – Day 21: Inspired by a colour

Hi everyone! Thank goodness it’s weekend!

Well, yesterday I told you today’s post would be inspired by a certain shade of blue, and here it is:

baker1Nails Inc Baker Street. But the question is, what exact shade of blue is that? Is it cerulean? Cobalt blue? Or… wait, could it be…. TARDIS blue?

Read more to see my tiny TARDIS!


31 Day Challenge – Day 20: Water Marble

Hi everyone!

So we have come to the last patterns day! As from tomorrow my nails have to be Inspired by something… sounds way more complicated 😉

marbleAs you can see, this is the same water marble that’s shown in my top banner. Which means it’s a ‘pre-blog’ mani, and perhaps I was supposed to do a new one for today, but this will have to do! It seems like I got some sheet marks on a couple of nails, but I do at least like the colours I used 🙂


Tri-polish challenge: Dots and a gradient

Hello again!

I promised you a better post today, and here it is. This is my second of four manicures for the September tri-polish challenge. Once again, the colours I used were: For blue: Tip Top Nail Chic – Blue meets Green; for pink: Top Top Nail Chic – Pot-O-Berries; and for lilac – Essence Colour & Go – Absolutely Blue. I also used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme wear in White On.

dots2I was inspired by this manicure on Will Paint Nails for Food. I used completely different colours and changed up the pattern a little, but it provided the amazing idea 🙂


31 Day Challenge – Day 19: Galaxy Nails

Hi guys!

Yesterday I promised you galaxy nails with each nail a different colour. The nails were done, photographs were taken, and then… I forgot to copy the photos from my camera to my computer! However, I MUST show you some galaxy nails today, and I realised there was one thing I could resort to… I have some pictures of my first ever galaxy nails, from pre-blog days. They weren’t supposed to ever see the light of day, because they are a MESS. My cuticles are covered with polish, my attempt at glittery stars was a flop… but I guess they were ok for a first ever try. So today I will show you just 2 photos of my galaxy fail. The good news is I will still be able to show you the much improved galaxy nails 2.0 once this challenge is over! So, here we go:

galaxy1 (more…)

31 Day Challenge – Day 18: Half Moons

Hi everyone!

The 31 day challenge has really been full of firsts for me. Since this is a young blog, practically everything I post is a first in some way for the blog, but many of the designs called for in the challenge I am actually doing for the first time as well. I guess my nail repertoire wasn’t that big!

halfmoon1I started off with NYX matte in Matte Sky Blue for the half-moon part. Once it was dry, I marked off the half-moon shape with a hole reinforcer and painted over my nails with Nails Inc – Belgrave Place. Once that was dry, I made a line of topcoat along the half-moon line and placed the orange glitters using a tacky toothpick.


September Tri-polish challenge Day 1

Hello again ladies!

What’s this? 2 posts in one day? Well, you may have thought posting every day for 31 days was enough for me, but you were clearly mistaken! Truth is, I’ve been waiting to do a tri-polish challenge since I started the blog almost a month ago, and I already had my first September mani done before I even decided to do the 31 day challenge, so now I’ve ended up doing both.

flowersThe tri-polish challenge is a fun monthly challenge open to everyone and hosted by The Crumpet on Crumpet’s Nail Tarts. Each month, 3 colours are selected, and the idea is that you choose a polish for each colour, and sticking to those colours, create 4 different manicures (you may add black, white and glitter as well).


31 Day Challenge – Day 16: Tribal Print

Hi everyone!

Today’s theme is tribal print. I just picked a few bright colours and made up a pattern as I went along.

tribal2Firstly, I painted sections or stripes of colour using a small brush in Sinful Colors Innocent (the lime green), Catrice Pimp my Shrimp, NYX Matte Lavender, and Revolution Pastel Boogie (the blue). Revolution’s pastel range really isn’t pastel at all, but makes some lovely brighter colours.


31 Day Challenge – Day 15: Delicate Print

Hi everyone!

For today’s delicate print nails, I was a bit stumped for ideas. But then I walked past a new little nail salon, and what did I see in their display but Liquid Sand polishes! :-D!!! I was over the moon since I haven’t seen anyone else stocking them in my area. Sadly, she only had 2 colours to choose from so far, but I scooped up What Wizardry is This? and first thing when I got home it went on my nails! Here are 2 coats:

wizardryOh wow. Isn’t that gorgeous? If you’re thinking that it’s just a brown texture, like actual sand on your nails, you couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, it’s brown, but it has a beautiful deep golden sparkle to it, which you can see best on my thumb in the next picture:

wizardry1 (more…)

31 Day Challenge – Day 14: Flowers

Hi everyone!

Thank goodness it’s weekend! Time for some rest and relaxation… and to go with that, I have my first ever attempt at using acrylic paints on my nails for you today:

floral1Uhm… can you see that those are flowers? Sort of, maybe? Well, I used a happy springy dress I have for inspiration, which looks like this:

dress (more…)