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31 Day Challenge – Day 9: Rainbow Nails

Hi everyone!

So it’s Monday again… At least today we have rainbow manicures to brighten up the Monday blues a little! (more…)

31 Day challenge – Day 3: Yellow Nails

Hi everyone!

Well, today is by far my least favourite challenge day. It’s not that I don’t like yellow, it’s just that I don’t like yellow on me. One day back in high school, I saw a bright yellow t-shirt with a picture of wonder woman on it. I went to try it on, and when I looked in the mirror, my skin looked… green. It was awful. So, yellow REALLY doesn’t suit my skin tone. I only have one yellow polish and that only in case I need a yellow for some nail art. (more…)

31 Day challenge – Day 1: Red nails

Hi everyone! Today is the first day of the 31 day challenge that a whole host of nail bloggers are taking part in. This is the first time I am doing a scheduled post so I hope everything works okay.

The first day is red nails. Well, I didn’t have many colours to choose from (although more than I have for the orange and yellow days!) – my collection is very purple/blue/green heavy. I did like the look I came up with though 🙂  (more…)

Geometric stamping

Hey guys!

Today I am sharing a stamping mani with you. I am very, very new to stamping so it is far from perfect! These pictures were also taken just before I started the blog. It’s only since I started that I realised how much better it looks if you clean up PROPERLY, and not only more or less, but I still want to post the nails I’ve done before. So, sorry for all the pictures you might be seeing soon without proper cleanup, I promise I’ll put more effort into it from now on! (more…)