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My Wedding Day Flowers – The Digital Dozen Does Paper

Hi everyone!

It’s day 5 of the Digital Dozen does Paper! So far this week, I’ve done paper planes, love letters, wrapping paper, and colouring books.

I was really having a hard time coming up with an idea for the final day of The Digital Dozen does Paper when suddenly it occurred to me. There was one day in my life on which paper had an unusual significance. Don’t get me wrong, paper is important on many days – we use it to learn, to immerse ourselves in stories, to express ourselves. But on this one day, paper was a part of the celebration of my husband and I choosing a life together – my wedding day! I decided that rather than buying expensive flowers which would only wilt and die, I’d make my own flowers for my and my bridesmaid’s bouquets, as well as all of the table decor – from paper! In fact, I posted a little about the process of making the flowers. I absolutely loved them and today’s nail art is inspired by those paper flowers that I painstakingly folded.

Painted Fingertips | Flowers for The Digital Dozen does Paper (more…)

Paper Planes – The Digital Dozen Does Paper

Hi everyone!

It’s day 4 of the Digital Dozen does paper! Can you believe the week is almost over already? I really feel as though this week as flown by. I have a more detailed freehand look today, inspired by paper planes! This is my recreation of a recent nail art posted by Narmai of Piggieluv, with my own spin of course. Narmai has the most amazing nail art ideas, but it is always a little intimidating trying to recreate them because she is so talented! Even though I think her original look was better, I’m pretty happy with my version.

Painted Fingertips | The Digital Dozen Does Paper - paper planes (more…)

Thermal Flowers – The Digital Dozen Does Rainforests

Hi everyone!

It’s Digital Dozen week! This week’s theme is rainforests and I’m sure we’re going to see some really cute critters and beautiful flowers from the group. I’ve started off with your basic floral manicure today. I can’t wait to show you some of the nail art I’ve done for later in the week, I think this is going to be a good week!

Painted Fingertips | Flowers over a thermal base (more…)

The Digital Dozen Does Get to Know Me: Running!

Hi everyone!

It’s the final day of Digital Dozen Get to Know Me week! I’ve only managed to share 3 nail arts this week because I’ve been particularly busy with presentations, field trips and proposals due, but be sure to check out the other Digital Dozen members’ blogs and get to know them a little better.

So far this week, I’ve shared something about my career and my sweet kitty-cat. You already know that my hobby is nail art. Today I’ve done nails dedicated to the type of exercise I enjoy – running! Painted Fingertips | Running girl nail art (more…)

The Digital Dozen Does Art: The Scream

Hi everyone!

It’s Digital Dozen week! This week’s theme is art and it’s actually the second time that this is a Digital Dozen theme. The first time was long before I was a member of the group, though. I was pretty excited about this theme, even though it’s a tough one! I knew that it would challenge me to create some really cool nail art, and it definitely has. I’ve done three of the looks for this week so far and I really like all of them. We’ll see how it goes with the last two!

For the first art look for this week, I decided to go with a very famous painting: The Scream by Edvard Munch. Painted Fingertips | The Digital Dozen Does Art - The Scream by Edvard Munch (more…)

The Digital Dozen Does December: Christmas Print

Hi everyone!

It’s the last day of the Digital Dozen December week! So far this week I’ve shared beach nails, snow nails, birthday nails, and a Christmas tree design. Christmas has always been my favourite holiday, and it’s a big part of December to me, so today I have another Christmas design to share with you. Painted Fingertips | Christmas print