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The Digital Dozen Does Futuristic: Turquoise and Chrome Half Moon

Painted Fingertips | Supermoon Tidal Disruption with chrome halfmoons

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Hi everyone!

One of the things I was thinking about with this week’s Futuristic theme was: how will people do their nails in the future? There was a time when red or neutral nail polish was about all you’d see; half moons were huge in the 30s, and the French manicure was all the rage in the 80s – and in some circles, it’s still all the rage. These days, you can get any and every colour, and a lot more nail art is being done – although most people still tend to go for a plain colour.

In the future, I figured, maybe a metallic chrome finish will be all the rage. And, as fashions tend to do, maybe the half moon fashion will come around again, just with a bit of a twist! This is what I came up with: (more…)

Magenta Holo Nails with Starry Stamping

Painted Fingertips | Magenta holo nail powder with added starry stamping

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Hi everyone!

Remember the pink holo chrome powder I showed you a couple of weeks ago? Here it is again with added starry and lightning-y stamping! The intensity of the chrome finish made me want to stamp it with images that conveyed brightness and sparkle, so I went with stars and lightning. (more…)

Review: Born Pretty Store Pink Holo Chrome Nail Powder

Painted Fingertips | Born pretty store magenta holo nail powder

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Hi everyone!

Today I have a review of a Born Pretty Store holo chrome nail powder to share with you! These powders have been around for a while now, but different colours and effects are always becoming available. The one I have to show you today is an intense holo chrome finish in pink. (more…)

Review and Nail Art – Born Pretty Store Silver Chrome Powder

Painted Fingertips | Born Pretty Store Silver Chrome Powder

Some items in this post were provided for review. This post contains affiliate links.

Hi everyone!

Silver chrome nails have been all the rage over the past couple of months. I’m not exactly sure where the craze started, but it wasn’t long before powders were becoming available left right and centre to help you achieve the attention-grabbing mirror-like effect. More and more colour and effect options are also becoming available – I first saw the silver chrome powder which I am going to show you today, but you can also get gold and various other colours – and of course there is the multichrome powder which I recently shared with you. (more…)