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Painted Fingertips is 3!

Painted Fingertips | Top 10 nail arts from my third year of blogging

Happy Birthday to Painted Fingertips!

Scroll down for the good stuff if you aren’t interesting in some reading and reminiscing!

That’s right – today 3 years ago I made my very first post on this blog. At the time, I had no idea I’d still be going 3 years and over 500 posts later – and now, I hope I keep it up for many more years to come! I love my blog, my nail art, and my interaction with all of you. My first post ever in 2013 was something that I was very proud of at the time. I was brand new to both blogging and nail art. I thought the nail art I did was brilliant – now it seems not very exciting. I didn’t know how to clean up, pose my hand, or take a good picture. But you know what’s amazing? That was okay! We all start somewhere and despite the fact I could immediately see that I needed to work on those things, I still loved and was proud of what I was doing. I’ve been happy to see how many people can be really supportive – so go ahead and share your work, even if you’re concerned it’s not as good as others. The blogging community is always after new recruits. After all, my source here has estimated around 6.7 million people blog on sites like Blogger and Tumblr. There certainly wasn’t that many people blogging when I started so I’m really pleased to see the blogging family grow in size. One can only hope it continues to get bigger and bigger. Why not give it a try yourself? Who knows, you might just unlock a new passion! (more…)