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The Worst of the Worst: 10 Nail Oopsies that never made it to the blog!

Hi everyone!

You probably guessed that something special was happening from the title of this post, and here it is: this is my 500th post on Painted Fingertips! When I first realised I was nearing 500 posts, at first I was amazed that I had done so many, and then, honestly, shocked that it was so few. Haven’t I done seventy million nail posts by now? I mean, it must be at least 3000. According to my stats, though, it’s a mere 500 – and I suppose that really is a lot. I’ve certainly done more nail looks than that since some posts have more than just one look – I usually try to share 2 looks when reviewing a stamping plate or polish, for example.

I wanted to do something special to celebrate my 500th post and I was contemplating what I could do when I remembered one long-untouched folder amongst all of my nail photos. A folder of looks I had deemed ‘not good enough’ for the blog, and yet never deleted. I looked through them and decided I could at least give all of you a laugh! I have two aims in sharing these – one, so you can shake your head and giggle as you see my dreadful nail fails; and two – for any readers who have not yet tried their own nail art, or who have but aren’t sure about trying it again, because you see pictures of nail art and think ‘I can’t do that’ or ‘I just don’t have their talent!’ – this post is for you. I want you to see how far I have come and know that you can, too.

A final note before we get started – I was really very proud of several of these looks at the time that I did them. Some were done before I started my blog, but I photographed them because I had the idea of a blog in the back of my mind. Some were done later and it was only after I photographed them and found myself comparing my pictures to others I saw online that I decided they weren’t good enough to post. Still others were done after I’d been blogging a while and I just had an off day. My point here is that if you do a nail art look that’s imperfect, but you still feel proud of it – that’s fantastic! You should feel proud of it. I know that I was brimming with pride over some of my earliest nail art that looked dreadful in comparison with the gorgeous, finished pictures I was seeing on some of my favourite blogs. That’s how this love for nail art was born!

Enough waffling! Without further ado, here are 10 of my biggest nail flops presented from oldest to newest. Painted Fingertips | Nail Fails that never made it to the blog