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Halloween Stamping Plate – Born Pretty Store BP-L057

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Hi everyone!

I know it’s only July, but I have some Halloween nail art for you today! I have two nail art looks using Born Pretty Store plate BP-L057, which has some perfect Halloween images. I wanted to share it with you now so that you have time to order it and get it in time for Halloween!

I got this plate using my Born Pretty Store points. Did you know that they have a point system? You can upload pictures of nail art using their products and earn points, which you can use to purchase more products from their store.

Painted Fingertips | Silver ghost Halloween stamping (more…)

HPB Presents: Halloween Pumpkin Nail Art

Hi everyone!

I just love the Halloween nail art I’ve created today – I hope you’ll enjoy it too! I’ve done this one for this month’s Hobby Polish Bloggers group nail art Halloween theme. Last October was our first Halloween in the US and carving a pumpkin was one of my favourite parts. It looked so cool with a candle burning inside! These pumpkins haven’t been carved yet, though. Painted Fingertips | Pumpkin Halloween Nail Art


40 Great Nail Art Ideas – Halloween!

Hi everyone!

It’s time for another group post and today’s theme is Halloween. I just love Halloween as a theme for nail art and if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you might remember how crazy I went last October. I had a whole month of Halloween nail art with mummies, spiderwebs and more spiderwebs, textured bats, a Halloween-coloured water marble, a great combination of glitter and skulls, some really blinged-out skulls, blood spatter, and black widow nail art.

I summarised all of these and more in a post yesterday so go take a look at 13 different Halloween nail art looks.

This year I wished I could have done as many Halloween designs, but time constraints only let me do one. It’s a a good one though! I asked my husband for some ideas for Halloween nail art and he suggested I steer clear of traditional Halloween colours and do something in blue instead. I’d been feeling like painting some roses so this was what I finally came up with:Painted Fingertips | Roses around the gravestone for Halloween


13 Halloween Nail Art Looks

Hi everyone!

Halloween is almost here and sadly, I haven’t flooded you all with Halloween nail art. I’ve wanted to, but sadly I haven’t had enough time for nail art. To make up for it, I’ve decided to share with you 13 Halloween nail art looks from the past! A few of them are from my very earliest days of nail art, so it’s possible that the scariest part might be how bad the manicure is. I honestly still like all of them though – Halloween is a fantastic theme to do nail art for! Make sure to let me know which look was your favourite! I hope you’ll be trying one out this year. sponged essence colour & go flashy pumpkin, wanna be your sunshine, and we rock the green, stamped with tip top nail chic armourplate and essence stamp me! black with plate QA26I’m starting off with one of those that it’s pretty scary how bad my cuticles looked – but I still really wanted to include this one because I love the nail art itself. I think this base was perfect for a Halloween theme and with spiderwebs, spiders, and bats, it has everything you need. This was the original post with all the details. Painted Fingertips | Halloween Mummy water marbleOf course, you knew that there would be at least a few water marbles in a post like this! These water marbled mummies were one of my Halloween posts from last year and they were a lot of fun. This is actually one of the easiest water marble patterns to create, so go for it! Painted Fingertips | Halloween nail art with skull water decalsUnlike the previous one, this combination of skulls and glitter doesn’t require any special nail art techniques. You do need the right polishes and some appropriately Halloween-themed water decals or stickers, though! The polishes are a Halloween duo from Love Thy Polish and they’re fantastic. Painted Fingertips | Dr who nails - are you my mummy?This was a much more recent Halloween-appropriate look and is perfect for a geeky Halloween (in case you don’t know, the reference is a Dr Who episode). I didn’t specifically do this for Halloween, but the fact that it was October definitely influenced my choice! Painted Fingertips | Black Widow Halloween Nail ArtPossibly my favourite Halloweeny nail polish is China Glaze Bump in the Night. It’s black, it’s textured, and it’s perfect for this Black Widow nail art. Painted Fingertips | NailCandi Skulls and cuticle tattoos - HalloweenI used a different black texture in this one but it’s also good for Halloween. What makes this one though is the skulls from Nail Candi – perfect for a super quick and blinged out Halloween manicure!Painted Fingertips | Halloween Water Marble

Yes, another water marble. For this one I just went with a combination of Halloween colours and put them together. I loved the outcome! Painted Fingertips | Sugarspun spiderwebsI used the sugarspun technique for this spiderwebby look. The spiders themselves didn’t come out as boldly as I’d originally intended, but then again, aren’t they even more frightening if you can’t see where they are?halloweenThis is another old one and I just went with a combination of Halloween-themed stamping and bright orange. Simple but perfect for the season!Painted Fingertips | Blood spatter nailsThis is a look that is very fun to create and it’s also both simple and striking. Just use a straw to blow some polish onto your nails! You don’t have much control over the result but that means you can get a variety of looks with the technique. It can be done using any colours, but combine a nude and a red and you have blood spatter nails.Painted Fingertips | Spiderweb Water Marble

My third and final water marble – here I tried to create a water marbled spider web. You can see it best on my middle and index fingers. Of course, the addition of the red spider with 3D eyes helps too! Painted Fingertips | Spiderweb nail art

Another spider look! For this one, I freehanded spider webs and added the spidery studs. Painted Fingertips | Bats and tree silhouettes - Halloween nail artMy final one is a classic Halloween look. I combined the colours of Halloween with some texture and created bats flying through dead trees.

Which of these is your favourite for Halloween? If you want to see a new Halloween look, don’t worry, I’ll have one for you tomorrow!

Water Marble Wednesday: Spiderwebs

Hi everyone!

Today I have another Halloweeny water marble for you. You can take a look at previous Water Marble Wednesdays here.

For today’s Water Marble Wednesday, I have tried to create spiderwebs. A couple of my nails were more successful then others… if you’re not quite sure what it looks like, the little spider I added is a helpful hint 😉Painted Fingertips | Spiderweb Water Marble (more…)