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The Digital Dozen – Birthday Galaxies

Painted Fingertips | Galaxies for the Digital Dozen January Birthdays

Hi everyone!

Today the Digital Dozen are celebrating our January birthdays with some gorgeous galaxies! This month it is Shelly’s birthday from Sassy Shelly – go take a look at her nails if you haven’t already, she does some amazing nail art! She picked out a gorgeous image that just screamed galaxy nails.

Any of you that have been following Painted Fingertips for a long time may recall that galaxy nails haven’t always been my best friend. From my very first attempt more than 3 years ago (don’t click that link, they’re awful!) to glow in the dark galaxies to galaxies with star decals to aliens or eyeshadow galaxies, my galaxies just never work. The only times I’ve really liked any galaxy-themed nails I’ve done was when I steered away from the traditional look and did some fun freehand – like my star wars nails or my very busy spaceship nails. So, I was pretty wary of this theme, but I think I’ve done some galaxies that I’m at least okay with, even if it will still never be my favourite technique. (more…)

31DC2016 Day 2: Orange with Freehand Gold

Painted Fingertips | Orange with freehand gold for the #31DC2016

Hi everyone!

It’s day 2 of the 31 Day challenge and as I mentioned yesterday, I don’t love today’s nail art. I remember having a tube of gold acrylic paint among my other paints as a teenager, and noticed that it had a different texture than the others. That was confirmed when I recently bought some gold acrylic paint for nail art. It may be partly because I bought cheap craft paint instead of artist’s paint, but it definitely has a runnier texture compared to my other acrylics and I had a hard time getting a fine line like I’m used to – especially if I added more paint, wanting to darken a line – it’d just spread out! Oh, well. It’s still an orange freehand nail art! (more…)

Swatch: le polish group custom – le flame

Painted Fingertips | Swatch: le polish - le flame

Hi everyone!

Today I am excited to show you an exclusive group custom polish by le polish. A while ago the maker, Allison, decided to pick a random group member to swatch the polish and I was the lucky one selected. This polish is exclusively available to members of the Facebook group le polish lovelies, and it is currently available for pre-order, so if you like it, be sure to join the group! (more…)