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Recent Nail Fails

Painted Fingertips | Recent nail fails - stamping with hearts

Hi everyone!

You may recall my 500th post – I posted 10 nail art fails that never made it to the blog. Well, I’ve now passed 600 posts, and I have some more nail fails taking up space in my photo folder. The idea to post these started just after I got back from my recent vacation – for some reason, the first few days after I got back, I could do nothing but fails! I realised that I had a handful of other nail arts that were just sitting in my folder because I didn’t like them enough to ever get around to posting them. I’d still like to share them with you though, mostly because I’m far from perfect and sometimes my ideas get lost in execution! So, without further ado, here are 8 recent nail fails! (more…)

The Worst of the Worst: 10 Nail Oopsies that never made it to the blog!

Painted Fingertips | Nail Fails that never made it to the blog

Hi everyone!

You probably guessed that something special was happening from the title of this post, and here it is: this is my 500th post on Painted Fingertips! When I first realised I was nearing 500 posts, at first I was amazed that I had done so many, and then, honestly, shocked that it was so few. Haven’t I done seventy million nail posts by now? I mean, it must be at least 3000. According to my stats, though, it’s a mere 500 – and I suppose that really is a lot. I’ve certainly done more nail looks than that since some posts have more than just one look – I usually try to share 2 looks when reviewing a stamping plate or polish, for example. (more…)