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Born Pretty Store stamping polish #10 – orange


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Hi everyone!

A while ago I had a few Born Pretty Store points to use up and one of the products I decided to get with them was an orange stamping polish. I really enjoy having stamping polishes in a range of colours, there are so many nail art opportunities! Today I decided to show you how the orange stamping polish (#10) performs over a dark and a light base.


The Digital Dozen Does All that Glitters: Gold Glitter Placement

Painted Fingertips | Gold and orange glitter placement - the Digital Dozen does All that Glitters

Hi everyone!

It’s the final day of The Digital Dozen does All that Glitters – can you believe it? I’ve really enjoyed this theme – it allowed me to go a little crazy with over-the-top glittery looks. So far this week, I shared some glittering crystals, a glittery drip marble, glitter-dipped fingers, and a fun glitter gradient. Today I’ve gone for all-over glitter again with some glitter placement! I knew I had to do this for one day ever since we decided on this theme, and I decided to save it for the very end. (more…)

Halloween Stamping Plate – Born Pretty Store BP-L057

Painted Fingertips | Silver ghost Halloween stamping

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Hi everyone!

I know it’s only July, but I have some Halloween nail art for you today! I have two nail art looks using Born Pretty Store plate BP-L057, which has some perfect Halloween images. I wanted to share it with you now so that you have time to order it and get it in time for Halloween!

I got this plate using my Born Pretty Store points. Did you know that they have a point system? You can upload pictures of nail art using their products and earn points, which you can use to purchase more products from their store. (more…)

31DC2016 Day 2: Orange with Freehand Gold

Painted Fingertips | Orange with freehand gold for the #31DC2016

Hi everyone!

It’s day 2 of the 31 Day challenge and as I mentioned yesterday, I don’t love today’s nail art. I remember having a tube of gold acrylic paint among my other paints as a teenager, and noticed that it had a different texture than the others. That was confirmed when I recently bought some gold acrylic paint for nail art. It may be partly because I bought cheap craft paint instead of artist’s paint, but it definitely has a runnier texture compared to my other acrylics and I had a hard time getting a fine line like I’m used to – especially if I added more paint, wanting to darken a line – it’d just spread out! Oh, well. It’s still an orange freehand nail art! (more…)

Cobalt and Peach Water Marble

Hi everyone!

It’s Water Marble Wednesday! You might remember me mentioning a couple of times that I’m taking part in a weekly nail art challenge on Instagram this month. I’m cheating a little on this one by blogging these nails a bit earlier than the Instagram challenge – these are the nails for next Friday but I needed a good water marble for today! (more…)

Swatch: Rimmel Shirley Temple

Painted Fingertips | Swatch: Rimmel Cocktail Colours - Shirley Temple

Hi everyone!

Today I have another older swatch to share with you that I did a while ago and just never got around to posting. This one comes from the Rimmel Cocktail Colour in a Flash collection. This collection consisted of 5 colours – orange, blue, red, green, and purple – all with a similar glass fleck finish. Today I have the orange to share with you. (more…)