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KBShimmer Spiral Nail Vinyls | The Digital Dozen Does Indie Love

Painted Fingertips | KBShimmer Spiral Nail Vinyls - The Digital Dozen does Indie Love

Hi everyone!

It’s day 4 of The Digital Dozen does Indie Love! This week is flying by. So far this week, I’ve shared some Polish ‘M floral stamping decals, a Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer drip marble, and a Vapid water marble. I was trying to think about what other techniques I could incorporate this week when I remembered some spiral nail vinyls I recently got from KBShimmer. I decided to give them a try along with 2 KBShimmer polishes. (more…)

Neon swirls

Painted Fingertips | Neon Swirls

Hi everyone!

I did this nail art a couple of weeks ago, when my nails were still nice and long. They’ve been breaking like crazy the last couple of weeks! I’ve been doing a ton of origami and I think working with paper so much has really been drying them out, despite oiling them and using hand cream on a daily basis. Anyway, let’s just enjoy today’s fun nail art. (more…)