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Review – Born Pretty Store Glow in the Dark Nail Pigment

Painted Fingertips | Green with stars and glow in the dark nail pigment

Hi everyone!

Today I have some nail art and a review of some glow in the dark nail pigment from Born Pretty Store. I was really excited to try this pigment as I thought it could be great for a variety of nail art. I figured that I may need a gel base for this glow in the dark powder, so I decided to just use it over the magnetic gel polish I recently shared. (more…)

31DC2016 Day 28: Inspired by the US flag

Painted Fingertips | Nails inspired by the US flag for the #31DC2016

Hi everyone!

Today’s theme for the 31 Day Challenge is ‘inspired by a flag’. This has never been a very popular theme of the challenge; to me it seems oddly specific compared to most of the other themes. The American flag is usually popular, firstly since so many bloggers are from the US and secondly because the vibrant colours and the stars and stripes both lend themselves to nail art. I’ve never gone in that direction before, until today! (more…)

#5minutenailart: Stars and Neptune

Painted Fingertips | #5minutenailart: glow in the dark stars

Hi everyone!

I’m not sure what happened, but it’s been a whole month since my last 5 minute nail art post! I’ve just had so many other things to share with you recently. If you’re not sure what this is about, check out my first 5 minute nail art post. It’s pretty self explanatory though – I just start with a plain, base colour manicure, then have a maximum of 5 minutes to turn it into nail art.  (more…)