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Guest Post: Lothwen from Manis & Makeovers

Hi everyone!
I’m excited to share a guest post with you today from one of my favourite bloggers, Lothwen from Manis and Makeovers. Lothwen’s nails always look beautiful and her stamping skills are incredible. Let’s take a look at what she has to share:

Hi lovelies!
I’m Lothwen from Manis & Makeovers and today I have the honour of guest posting on Kerry’s blog! I was very excited when she asked me; Kerry’s nail art is always awesome and she is amazing at freehanding! I haven’t had much practice freehanding lately, so I decided to do some double stamping for this post.
I started with a base of W7 Pistachio, a beautiful turquoise creme. Then I stamped with BP-L015 and Konad gold stamping polish. I repeated the stamping with the same image and black, albeit flipping the image upside-down. Then I slapped on some Seche Vite and done! I was aiming for a sort of turquoise stone effect, but with an image instead of randomness. I’m not a 100% content (actually far from it; the turquoise is too minty-green and the gold is too  subtle, so it does not have the intended effect), but I still really like this mani, I enjoyed wearing it for two days!