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Delicate Freehand Nail Art

Painted Fingertips | Delicate freehand nail art over mint

Hi everyone!

Today’s nail art was one of the first nail looks I did after moving to the US. My husband wasn’t here yet and I spent an evening doing this delicate freehand. Originally I intended to add this to the 31 Day Challenge as my delicate print, but I just didn’t get a chance for photo editing and posting amidst all the craziness. Not to worry, now we have some pretty nails to look at today instead!  (more…)

Water Marble Wednesday: Ocean

Painted Fingertips | Oceanic water marble with stamping

Hi everyone!

It’s Water Marble Wednesday and today I have combined a marble with some stamping. I was looking for some marbling ideas when I came across this stamped oceanic marble on Mucking Fusser and decided to do something similar. First of all, here is the marble on its own: (more…)